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Reorganize your business transactions and data handling efficiently by moving towards a Blockchain generated future.

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What is a Blockchain?

Blockchain provides a secure, reliable and efficient way to store the records in the form of immutable, sequential chain of records called blocks, that are chained together using hashes. All the processes are transparent and any illegal attempts to tamper the data can be avoided. Blockchain isn’t limited to just Bitcoin, Hyperledger etc., but is itself an ocean of opportunities.

Blockchain is remodeling the transactions and data holding sector to provide the maximum accessibility and control over the trade without the intervention of any other community. Secure a future for your business by moving towards an era of Blockchain. Build your customer-base, by incorporating some of the best practices of Blockchain. Explore the possibilities of Blockchain and how we offer you the best Blockchain services for your business.

Familiarize yourself with the influence of Blockchain

Blockchain has been the trendiest topic of the decade. It has been awarded as the perfect solution to create an effective transactions and data handling environment. The significance of Blockchain can be observed in the following industries

The basic job of Blockchain was to eliminate the unruly banking sector. Blockchain narrows the void in the transactions. There is no centralized jurisdiction and hence the task is fast and without any constraints.

There have been numerous cases of land frauds and misplacement of government documents. This can be avoided and curbed by implementing Blockchain technology to maintain the record.

The evolution of Bitcoin has been based on Blockchain. The world’s most popular cryptocurrency uses Blockchain as the framework to toggle the transactions and function securely. Blockchain also provides framework for various other companies to create their own cryptocurrencies.

Holding and enormous collection of data can be difficult at times. This is made easier by incorporating Blockchain technology to manage large quantities of data. The records are available at all points and can be safely retrieved to minimize effort and enhance the functionality of the firm.

Blockchain is used in industries where transactions are made on a regular basis. This ensures the security and reliability of the transactions. Many industries are now using Blockchain, in terms of their own coins, Bitcoin, or to manage the data.

Large amount of data is stored securely using Blockchain. Blockchain increases the ease of accessing among individuals, increasing the transparency in the government processes.

Transactions can be scrutinized and maintained with Blockchain generated solutions. Cryptocurrencies can be used to settle the transactions, thus reducing the interference of a third party.

Healthcare sector can be revolutionized by storing data and making the right decisions on time. All the expenses and requirements can be viewed, leading to clear vision of the way they work.

Blockchain doesn’t really end; the education industry holds a better promise towards the development and evolution of Blockchain. The security required to maintain the data can be delivered using Blockchain.

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Revolux Solutions and Blockchain

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is used by startups to bypass the rigorous and regulated capital-raising. This is done to raise funds for the crypto-coin.

Our supporting services:

  • Analysis of the problem by a group of experts
  • Creating a white paper draft
  • Website creation for hosting the ICO

  • ICO token distribution and auditing

Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts are the digital algorithmic contracts created for validating the terms in the business. These are virtual versions of contracts and are coded in Blockchain with predefined conditions.

Our help in making smart contracts:

  • Develop meaningful and apt contracts virtually
  • Incorporate the effective details
  • Securely share the smart contracts
  • Create impressive smart contracts architecture

Cryptocurrency Development Services

Develop unique and secure cryptocurrencies that can withstand the real-life stress and cater towards better transactions. Incorporate the decentralized architecture to develop the right cryptocurrency that has the potential to flourish.

  • Custom build your cryptocurrency
  • Bitcoin wallet development
  • Cryptocurrency wallet development
  • ICO development
  • Cryptocurrency launch and marketing

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

The current world operates on a number of cryptocurrencies. This can be tedious at times and even put the security at risk. The solution to this is a custom cryptocurrency wallet that curbs accordingly to provide the best exposure and solution to the cryptocurrency dispute.

We offer:

  • iOS and Android wallet development
  • Mnemonic and Public key implementation
  • Secure apps
  • Maximize effective cryptocoin handling
  • Integrated with multiple cryptocurrencies

Private Blockchain

We develop safe and effective private Blockchain generated apps and services that help various sectors to fully utilize and gain the best of Blockchain. Our cost-effective, faster and well experience group of developers provides the best services.

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Develop Blockchain Services with Revolux

Revolux solutions provide the best services to develop your business. We house the best developers that are capable of creating effective solutions for your business or enterprise. We endeavor to deliver the right content at an affordable price. Revolux looks forward to develop your business and catapult it in the right direction.

We create a rough layout of how the final product would be. This helps us in deciding the type of resources that must be used. This task is done transparently so that the clients can view the status and suggest any modifications. This layer sketches provides the blueprint to work on.

Designing the product’s UI is important for the interaction and creating a better front-end. We use state-of-art technologies to deliver the best structural UI that is suitable for the required industry. Clients can choose from a wide range of layouts, or can custom build an UI to suit their business. This is only possible when you develop your product with Revolux solutions.

We craft magic by writing the best and optimized codes for the products. Our team of developers has a vast knowledge and prolonged exposure to the requirements of the people who might use the product. This is achieved by sheer experience. Our codes are optimized and written with utmost precision to avoid any errors.

The final product now goes through a series of rigorous testing that includes checking for any errors, real-time data handling and management, consistency and reliability. We also check whether the product can handle enough traffic or data transfer to stand out the real world applications. Proper tools are used by the righteous group of people who dedicate their knowledge and skills to deliver the best.

The final product is now ready to enter the real world. Blockchain related products require proper direction and force to be visible in the market. The market contains many Blockchain products and it might be hard to stand out to the pressure. Revolux solutions help you out by launching the product in the market. We also provide services like Digital Marketing to help our clients to develop and totally understand the concept of marketing for their products.

Revolux endeavors to deliver quality treatment to our clients even after we deliver the product. This motive and driving force has led Revolux to be trusted and has been approved by many of our clients. We provide statistical analysis about the functionality and the usage of the product to the clients. These reports can be used to enhance multiple aspects and eliminate the errors, if any.

Benefits of using Revolux Solutions

  • Revolux has been involved in many projects related to development and services.
  • Best team of developers and designers
  • State-of-art technologies
  • Transparent processing and guiding our clients
  • Minimizing the cost to deliver services to everyone
  • We understand the requirements of different businesses
  • Product functionality and efficiency is ensured
  • Best Blockchain developers
  • We understand the need for security
  • Huge number of predefined architecture to choose from

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