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We build Android apps just like you imagine

The android industry is expanding at god-speed. Over 73.54% of the world’s total population use Android as their mobile phone OS. This had been made possible because of the various features and services that are provided by Android to grow their industry; apps being the major boost. We hope that you do not want to be let out in the race. Revolux Solutions has devised a strategic and efficient way to help you in building the right app for your needs. Our group of developers can create, design, and develop apps ranging from the ones for startups to the large enterprises. Read along to understand how we do it and why we are the best at what we do.

Have an Idea that can revolutionize the Play Store?

We take pride in our clients who always come up with the best productive ideas. Our group of analysts carefully observe your ideas and test them to withstand the real life tasks. We then pick the promising ones and provide detailed report to the respective idea owners. Our developers work closely work with the clients so that we can grasp maximum of their vision and expectations regarding the Android app.

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The role of Revolux in your Prosperity

  • Revolux is home to some of the best android developers in the world. We have the most skilled, dedicated and innovative team that delivers amazing android apps that not only makes it to the Google Play Store, but also tops the list. Our developers have been building different types of mobile apps for all the major platforms. They specialize in developing Android apps for any purpose.
  • The native mobile apps require lots of skill and knowledge to develop a fair and practical app that can withstand the sheer stress of the workload in real-time. Our developers carry with them knowledge of the recent technologies. We incorporate the latest technologies that are proven to be efficient and provide the best results. Our company evolves with each task or project we do, and we ensure that our clients get only the best.
  • Our strategic and planned approach towards the idea makes it easier for us to crack the problem and derive the best solution. We spread the functionality layers in development like the section of security, transactions, drivers, database storage, API’s, User Interface and a lot more. This allows us to clearly incorporate each layer with precision and trim the margin of errors. Our team has the ability and potential to transform your idea into a productive Android app.

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Wide reach and usage

Android apps provide more visibility and help spread your word. This is due to the fact that almost 85% of the population owns an Android operated device. Our team of developers understand the figures and responsibilities, and we provide the best way to utilize this space to build you the right Android app.

Cost Efficient

There are many tools available for creating your own app with little basic knowledge about the tool. These cost almost nothing and provide some decent Android app experience. The only setback is the finesse and the UI that these tools provide. But if you are looking for a way to develop apps with minimal expense, then you can try these tools and build a basic Android app.

Craft your own Android apps

Android apps are easily customizable and flexible. Our developers create Android apps that are easy to customize and the clients can make changes to the app if required. We, at Revolux, provide our clients with optimized and highly efficient Android apps that have the best technologies used and vivid User Interface that increases user interaction with the app and hikes the productiveness of the app.

Broad range of usage

Android apps can be used on a variety of devices. Android is supported on mobiles, tabs, wearable techs, television, and laptops. In short, almost all the major communication devices use Android. Revolux solutions understand the scenario and develop Android apps that can run on all the Android devices. We commit to provide the best features of Android possible to build and grow your business.

Wearable Tech

This topic has been the latest buzz of the mobile industry. It’s really cool to have a device that acts a phone and fits like a watch. These gadgets have revolutionized the way we use our devices. We no longer have to open the phone to receive a call, or to be notified about a message. But all this is not easy to build. Our team of developers is highly skilled and possesses the wisdom about these technologies. So if there are any ideas that you believe can one day be productive, then you shouldn’t be wasting your time. Send us your ideas, and we’ll see what fruits it can reap.

Secure and Reliable

Android apps are secure as they follow the protocols and any types of viruses are not allowed to be transmitted. The Google Play Store eliminates the noxious apps and only features the healthier ones. This task puts some restrictions on the developers as they cannot write codes that are malicious or looks like one. Our team of developers at Revolux takes proper care and ensures that the app is free of any harmful stuff.

Optimized and best experience

Android apps are mostly accessed from the mobiles, tabs and laptops. Since we carry mobile phones all the time, we tend to spend quite a time on them. The key feature of developing an Android app is the optimization in the fields of battery life and speed of execution. Our apps are designed to utilize less power and deliver more output. The task is split accordingly to minimize the stress on the processors at the time of execution. Thus making us better at developing Android apps, your phone need.

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Why is Revolux better for your Android app development?

Revolux solutions has been developing Android apps for a large number of audiences. We deliver apps to a variety of clients ranging from startups to enterprises. But that does not make us experts. Our source of expertise is our team of skilled developers, without whom we couldn’t develop and grow into the company we are now.

The effort required in creating an Android app is tremendous, and we do not complain. Our developers work hard and push the boundaries every time we build something. We take a step further and as we move, we learn, develop, support and deliver what we have. Our developers professionalize in their respective field of artistry and knowledge. We have some of the best designers who can craft immensely beautiful and attractive UI that are sure to grab the attention of the audience.

We impart quality services at affordable rate. We understand and realize the importance of an Android app for the growth of your company and endeavor to create a unique one every time. Our task force will develop all your projects with maximum level of dedication, passion and desire for success. We also pledge to deliver the project/app on agreed schedule.

We provide a variety of customizable features that can add beauty to your apps. Almost everything we do is done with an entire motive to help you in all aspects. We believe that privacy and security of the app is as important as the functioning. Our group of security analysts ensures that there are no weak spots in the apps and that all the data gets stored safely.

Our strategic approach towards building your dream Android app

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